Warm welcome and gently-woven blessings to you! The Altar of the Arcane Song is the Formal Distance Shrine of Rev. Faemore Lorei, who founded and formed it to direct and guide her spiritual growth and development and practice her wiccan beliefs. We received our official Formal Shrine Charter from the Correllian Nativist Tradition on Sunday the 13th of March, in the year 11 Aquarius.

The Altar of the Arcane Song is based in Barbados and falls under the imperium of the Celtic Cross Temple headed by the illustrious Rt. Rev. Lord Terry Power HP, which in turn falls under the imperium of the Correllian Church. We study and follow the knowledge and ways of the Correllian Nativist Tradition, hold rites and rituals in celebration of the lunar esbats, the seasonal sabbats and deity, practice devotional, ritual song, meditative and divinitory arts in groups, healing circles, psychic sessions and divination nights, and host public gatherings to unite and honour our local Pagan community in spirit.

Mission Statement:


Altar of the Arcane Song is a magickal sanctuary, spiritual forum and sacred space founded on the wisdom of the Wiccan Way. We are dedicated and devoted to Divinity manifested as Goddess and God, who we worship and revere. We perform rituals and rites, pursue personal enlightenment and evolution and practice communal growth and fellowship. We foster, nurture and prepare an open and accepting environment in aid of all those seeking souls whose paths come across our own.


~ To honour Divinity as manifest in Nature and as a living spiritually-sentient universe, and to revere Divinity as both Goddess and God.

~ To honour Earth as home and her creatures as sacred.

~ To hold ritual and rites in observation, honour and celebration of the lunar esbats and seasonal sabbats, the Earth and the Divine.

~ To practice devotional, ritual song, and meditative and divinatory arts in the pursuit of magickal and spiritual growth.

~ To unite our local Pagan community in spirit, aiding those fellow pagans walking on the Wiccan path, and the hosting of Wiccan-oriented public events.

~ To honour all pagans as pagan regardless of their tradition or path, all pagan traditions as kindred and equal, understanding that our similarities far outweigh our differences and that Divinity comes to each person through Deity in a way that is best for that person.

~ To explore and discover, practice and honour our Wiccan Rede and beliefs.



Outercourt membership of the Altar of the Arcane Song is open all persons, ages 18 or older, who have shown exemplary consistency in their own interest, enthusiasm and devotion to their personal pagan paths, who wish to honour Spirit through the ways of the Correllian Nativist Wicca Tradition and learn, worship, participate in and commit to the ways of the Shrine. No personal information of any member (name, address, email, etc.) will be given to any third party persons without the expressed permission and consent of that member.

Outercourt membership of the Altar of the Arcane Song is only offered to persons who have proven themselves to be driven and passionate, excited and enthused about living an earth-centric spirituality that is both devotional and communal in nature. Members must be respectful of the Shrine, its Tradition and its beliefs. Members must be reverent within Shrine spaces, both physical and otherwise, to that which the Shrine holds sacred, to its associations and alliances, to its gods and to its purpose.

Members must take their own initiative for their own spiritual growth, and are expected to be inspired, innovative and inventive when it comes to the crafting and walking of their spiritual path. We are not here to mimick the shadows of others, but to work hard to blaze trails all our own. Our community values and prides itself on spiritual compatibility, but also on fierce work ethic, highly individuated characters and sincere souls seeking growth in Goddess. It is therefore important to practice deep self-reflection and to aspire to improve upon what you reflect; to be your own best Wiccan, not just someone else's.

Let me repeat that. Despite being devotional in both purpose and direction, Altar of the Arcane Song, is first and utmost a working Shrine. One must be self-motivated and a self-starter to be a member. Therefore simply doppleganging the sincere spiritual efforts of others will never be enough. Committed contribution, personal drive, respect and reverence both without and within the Shrine. These are the qualities we wish to manifest in our members. These are the members we expect and welcome.


Devotional song groups, healing circles, psychic sessions and divination nights will be conducted outdoors to help us better connect with the meditative and healing energies of nature, or in the very least physically and in person. These services will be offered one night a week once a month, with the exception of the sabbats, esbats and other official rituals which will naturally fall on their own days, to ensure that we meet at least once a week. Weekly meetings and monthly events will be announced on the Gatherings Page. Shrines fees will also be required to provide ritual tools for the Shrine and divinatory tools for its members as well as miscellaneous expenses like printing cost for song books and ritual scripts, for those who wish to procure them. Our innercourt community projects and public outreach programmes include island beautification, sea-turtle conservation, nature clean-ups, animal care, and tree and garden planting.

Contact Us:

Any queries, thoughts, suggestions and comments please feel free to contact the Shrine Head at: faemore.lorei@yahoo.com for Rev. Faemore

Thank you for joining us!